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Bay Area Enclosed Auto Shipping

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If you are moving to Bay Area or are moving out of the city, you will need to move your car or other vehicles. However, you have the option of driving it to your new destination or driving from there to Bay Area. The only disadvantage is that it is time consuming and tiring. That is why there are plenty of other options.
There are two ways that you can ship a vehicle; the first is using an open transport and the second is the enclosed transport. Open car shipping is a more affordable option to choose from and it is normally more available than the enclosed transport option. The only time you wouldn’t want to choose an open car shipment is if you have an expensive or high end luxury vehicle that you want to protect from the elements of weather or debris from the road. Enclosed auto shipment is a good choice if you do have an expensive vehicle to protect however it will cost you more money ultimately.
Your vehicle is very important to you and the shipping of a vehicle can be a stressful experience for all involved. If you haven’t scheduled a vehicle shipment before, you may find that the first time is very complicated. Closed container shipping can save your vintage hot rod, your exotic sports car, or your antique vehicle from any of the harsh elements that could expose it during transport.

Advantage of Enclosed Shipping

When you choose to use the enclosed shipping option, it will also protect the vehicle from any potential vandalism. The vehicle is safeguarded from rocks, road debris, and weather too. If your vehicle is transported from one state to another, you will feel more secure about your vehicle being enclosed instead of exposed to passersby who may try to tamper with the car in order to gain access to it, especially if your vehicle is a high end, valuable, or rare model.
Millions of cars get stolen every year and as a result, the added security is comforting to those who have no other choice but to move their vehicle using an auto transport service. Even if your vehicle is insured, you still need to have the best protection as well when it is in transit. When you use a highly reputable professional vehicle transport service like our company, you are getting the best of the business.
If you do decide to ship your vehicle insured with Bay Area Auto Transport, the premiums can be lowered if you use a professional shipping service. Insurance companies know that If you use an enclosed transport your vehicle will be more safe and secured when traveling from your current home to your new one. They may even be able to offer you a discount on the moving insurance to assist you. Another way that you can save money and enjoy the benefits of an enclosed transport is, if you determine what the closest pick up and drop off location is to what you need. We will work with you to arrange pick up and drop off at a location that you know we will already be stopping at.
Whether you want to choose an enclosed vehicle transport or an open carrier, you need to begin the process of contacting one of our professionals, as soon as you know you are moving. This will give you time to make necessary arrangements to get your vehicle moved and come up with the money it will cost to do so.