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Overseas Motorcycle Transport from California Bay Area

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It can be difficult to move out of the US and to a new country. But the biggest challenge is to adapt to the different standard road safety and traffic rules. In order to be able to ride a bike overseas, you must be aware of its road safety regulations and street signs which may differ from what you are familiar with. Overseas Motorcycle Transport from California Bay Area But before you can ride your motorcycle on the roads of another country, you must ship it first. Shipping a motorcycle overseas is not easy as it sounds. It brings a profusion of other difficulties with itself. Each country has laid down its own set of rules and regulations that govern road and traffic safety. Before you ship your motorcycle to another country, you must pay a certain amount of fees and produce certain documents to the relevant person in charge. Sadly, your hassles don’t end here! Once your motorbike has reached its destination country, it’ll be needed to get cleared by the local custom agents and automobile authorities before you can take it for a ride. Additionally, you will need the auto transport representative to get the required legalities completed. And that is where we step in. Call us today to know more about how we can be of assistance.

Customs and Documentation – Prepare It Properly

To exempt yourself from any legal trouble right after you relocate to another country, you must make sure that you follow up with the customs and have everything prepared and ready beforehand. You must also ensure that your bike is fully prepared to be shipped. Ascertain that:
However, it must be note that hiring a reliable vehicle transport company can be more advantageous as they will deal with all of the import/export customs and regulations and the issues related to it at the destination for you.
Most of the motorcycles that are shipped internationally overseas are done by the roll-on/roll-off method. In the RORO method, a bike is directly ridden up on the transporting vessel or ship, parked on its main deck and securely fastened to keep it in place throughout the transportation process and circumvent any prospects of damaging the vehicle. Although, it may be a little less heavy on your pocket, RORO method is not completely safe unless you hire a good automobile transport company that implements extra safety measures to ascertain that your bike does not get damaged in the whole process.

Shipping Container

Although it is more expensive than its counterpart, the shipping container method boasts the additional benefit of the extra security that a container offers your priceless vehicle. It also allows you to and has the facility of keeping more personalized items in the shipping container along with your motorcycle.

Delivery Options

There are basically two types of options available to have your motorcycle delivered to you post shipment. You can either opt for the Port-to-Port delivery method, which is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be required to drop off your bike at the current shipping port and then pick it up from the destination port. While, unlike its counterpart, the Door-to-Door delivery method will have your bike picked up from your current location and then drop it off at a specified location in the destination country which makes it more expensive than the former method.