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Classic Car Shipping Bay Area

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When you have a classic or vintage car, there are not many people you can trust it with besides yourself. But what if you have to get your car shipped overseas or across the state? Who must you trust to take good care of your treasured vehicle? While the answer may not be easy, you must consider the following tips to get you the best shipping offer for your classic car.

Word of the Mouth Referrals

When looking for a classic car shipping service in Bay Area to ship your vintage car, is to get referrals from the people that have done that before. A reliable referral is a lot better than some review on the internet. Unfortunately, the auto transport industry brims with plenty of companies that have a bad reputation, so it would be in your best interest, if you carry out adequate amount of research work before finalizing your decision.

You’re The Boss!

You own the vehicle so you are the one in charge of the whole situation. Don’t hesitate to emphasize this. No matter how great the discount may be on shipping your vehicle, you must not compromise with your requirements. If a transport company cannot offer you a shipping package that matches your standards and meets your needs, it’s time to move on to the next one.

Set Firm Priorities

If the expense of the whole service is the only factor that you want to assess on, then you can opt for any transport company that offers the basic service amenities. But, in case if you have higher standards and coveted association with your vehicle, you should curate a list of all your requirements and choose a company accordingly. While open carriers are an easier-on-the-pocket option that mostly fits everyone’s requirements, if you want high level safe transportation journey for your mint condition vintage vehicle then you will require a enclosed container for your car to be shipped in. As long as you’re aware of the fact that this requirement may raise the bottom price line for you, it will be quite easier for you to find a transport company to safely transport your classic car to your destination.

Ask for Explanation of Insurance Coverage

The most important factor that you need to focus on is the insurance coverage provided for the damages incurred in the process of transporting your vintage vehicle. Most of the time, the vehicle owner’s insurance company does not provide protection or cover the damages that are caused in the whole process. Any damages that occur are repaired and paid for by the transport and shipping company’s insurance agency.
Before you send your classic car for shipping, make sure you take pictures of the pre-existing damages on the exterior and the interiors of the vehicle. This is to compare with the post-transportation condition of the vehicle. This documentation can prove to be beneficial during the final inspection of the vehicle after delivery. Any new dents or scratches need to be brought to the attention of the shipper. If you happen to see any new damages on your vintage car post transportation, you must inform the transport driver so they can make a report of it. The report then must be duly filled and signed by you before submitting it to the transport company so they can assist you in filing an insurance claim.
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