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Door to Door Auto Transport Bay Area

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Are you looking for door to door car transport service in Bay Area? The panoramic Bay Area consists of nine counties namely, Solano, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Clara, San Mateo and the northern part of the Santa Clara County. The auto transportation business involves picking up an automobile or RV from a specific location and then loading it onto a trailer where it is driven to the final destination and dropped off.
You can consider it as a cost effective option for those who want to save some money. You could do this yourself but it will take a lot of your time to do so.

Door to Door Transport Options

Another option to choose from in automotive transportation is door-to-door. The open trailer which hauls several vehicles at one time is one choice. With this option, your vehicle is secured on the trailer along with other vehicles that may be heading in the same direction. These trucks used to haul the cars are specially designed to pull that much weight in a safe manner so the vehicles never move around during transport.
Another option is the flatbed truck. It is good, if you are moving your vehicle as well as other vehicles belonging to your family. This option may also be good if you have a smaller vehicle to move, or if you are moving a two wheeled motorcycle or motor bike.
An enclosed transport truck is a third option which offers more security when transporting the vehicle from one point to another. While in transport, the vehicle is placed inside an enclosed trailer where nothing can get to it and no one can see it. This will eliminate the need to protect your auto from things that can occur during transport such as road debris or any other complication.

Preparing your Vehicle for Transport

When you are ready to haul your vehicle, and you have chosen either one designated location to another or door-to-door transport, you will need to prepare your vehicle before it is shipped. Here’s how:
When you work with us at Bay Area Auto Transport, we ensure that all precautions and quality standards are maintained to ship your vehicle safely. We stay in communication.