The Advantages of Enclosed Shipping

The Advantages of Enclosed Shipping

There are usually two main types of moving services. Open air shipping and enclosed transport are the most widely used services. While open air is economical and cheaper, it doesn’t give the vehicle the extra protection like enclosed shipping does. Nonetheless, enclosed shipping services are more favorable for vintage, high end and classic automobiles.
Enclosed shipping consist of rolling the vehicle into a closed container. It is then secured down properly by the driver of the hauler before it takes off on its journey. There are ways to prepare for enclosed shipping that the auto transport company will probably inform you of. Cleaning out the vehicle and leaving only a 1/4 of a tank of fuel or less in it is best. The alarm will also need to be disconnected as well as the battery.

The Benefits of Enclosed Shipping Services

To learn more about enclosed services and more services you can choose from, talk with the customer service representative. They can keep you better informed of the services, process and fees associated with your quote. They will even help you with your selections if you need them to.

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