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Motor homes may be easy to drive but to ship them across states is a whole job. While it may not be the best way to transport your motor home, the cheapest way to do it is to hire the drive-away service of a credible transport services like Bay Area Auto Transport. In this method, your RV will be transported at the hands of a licensed, well trained and insured driver. RV Shipping Bay Area Another method of transporting your RV that you can opt for is the Step Deck method. If you choose this method to have your RV transported to another location, a Step Deck truck or a Lowboy, with loading ramps that are basically flat beds but stronger, hauls your RV across miles finally to reach to your destination. However, this may not be the most conventional way of transportation of RVs in case if you have a Fifth Wheel RV. Being larger and heavier than its other models, a Fifth Wheel is a lot more difficult to haul by any truck.

Hiring and Working With Professionals

While different transport agencies put different values on their services, the average costing of transporting an RV is usually the same. The prices usually range from $2 to $2.50 dollars depending upon the pickup location, the drop off location, the distance and the size of the trailer. If you have standard RV with a bumper pool, it can be easily get hooked to a powerful 4/4 moving truck. This has an average cost of transportation is $1.75 or up, again depending on the same above mentioned factors. While there are some transport companies that proffer 100% guaranteed hassle free experience, a few transport companies impose the responsibility of the RV and its roadworthy condition on the owner himself. Make sure you choose a company that does not have any such conditions in their contract and then only make any written agreements of hiring the said company’s services. Before you hire the services of a transport company, make sure all of their drivers are licensed, insured and bonded with the company and have had a background check of at least past three years run up on them. Also, keep the measurements such as dimensions and weight of the trailer handy before you call us. Some of the various types of recreational vehicles that we cater to include:

Preparing Your RV for Transportation

Just as same as in the case of any other vehicle, some minimal basic preparations need to be carried out before you have your recreational vehicle is transported to a different location. Following these below mentioned simple steps can be very helpful in assuring that your RV stays safe through the journey.

Secure Everything

If there is anything that may become loose or falls of because of its loosened state, you must fix it before the carrier picks it up to transport. Make sure to double check windows, drawers, cabinets, awnings and even appliances!

Remove Personal Items

You won’t be living in your RV while it gets transported over to a different place. Thus, make sure you take out every personal item of your need before the transportation starts.

Document the Condition of Your RV

Before you allow the transported to transport your RV, make sure you have documented the condition your RV is in. Take pictures of everything and note down the details of the exterior and the interior of your RV.

General Maintenance

The basic RV maintenance can make all the difference between a good and a bad experience with your transport company. Checking the basic road required amenities such as air pressure in the tires can go a long way in making your experience better and avoiding any mechanical mishaps through the course.

Disconnecting Gas & Power Supply

The most important of all is to disconnect any gas and power supply lines in the RV. This also includes turning off lights, fans, refrigerator and any other appliances in the RV.