Sleepy Hollow

There are a few ways to get your vehicle from one place to the next without having to drive it. In some cases, driving the vehicle might be okay, but there are many situations where the vehicle must keep the mileage the same as it is before it reaches its destination. For instance, dealerships and car collectors want the mileage to be the same as they were told. These situations are definitely best left to a professional auto transport company. They handle transports everyday and can safely get your vehicle from Sleepy Hollow to wherever it needs to go.

The Difference between Expedited Shipping and Guaranteed Delivery

You may notice that transport companies offer expedited and guaranteed services. These are optional features that are often meant for those with time constraints. They will cost you a bit more, but are wonderful services to have available to you when you need them.
Expedited shipping means that your vehicle’s traveling time will significantly decrease. The vehicle is put on high priority so that the auto transport company makes sure it is shipped quickly. As for guaranteed delivery, this assures that your vehicle or vehicles will be dropped off on the date specified by you or whomever is to receive the car at the next location. It basically guarantees the amount of time your vehicle is in transit.
It is always recommended that you contact an auto transport company at least a few weeks before you need it delivered. If you didn’t know that you would need such services until the last minute, don’t fret. Call and explain your situation. More than likely, the auto transport company will have a solution for you and expedited shipping will probably be a suggested service.