The auto transport companies in and near Benicia have reliable and secure ways to get any type of vehicle relocated to another destination. This prevents putting extra mileage on the vehicle and protects it from harm that might occur on the road. It is the auto transport company’s duty to get the vehicle where it needs to go quickly, safely and reliably.
Almost all trustworthy and professional auto transport companies have insurance coverage. The coverage exists to protect your vehicle from harm during the relocation process. Your normal car insurance policy won’t cover these types of damages so it is best to make sure that the auto transport company offers insurance.

Getting Ready for Transport

Getting ready for an auto transport isn’t all that difficult. With a little cleaning and prep work, you’re car will be prepared and ready to go. Begin by cleaning out the vehicle thoroughly, taking out any items that do not belong in the automobile. Leave only the floor mats and factory items.
Make sure that the fuel tank is only a ¼ full or less. There shouldn’t be too much fuel because it adds access weight and can be hazardous during the relocation. You will also need to hand the keys over to the driver when you release the vehicle for transport.

The Relocation Process

Depending on whether or not you chose door to door services or terminal to terminal services, the driver will either retrieve the vehicle from its location or you will drop it off at a specified terminal. The driver will then secure the automobile to the transport truck. Make sure that you wrote down any damages the vehicle may already suffer from and have taken pictures as well. This will help you prove whether or not the vehicle suffered any damages during its relocation.
As the vehicle is in transit, the driver will take the best routes with the least probability of an accident. They will avoid construction and other obstacles the best they can to get the vehicle safely to its destination. When the driver finally reaches the end of the journey, they will contact you to let you know they have arrived.