Los Altos

The City of Los Altos brings about plenty of opportunity to have a vehicle or vehicles transported to wherever they may need to go. Across the nation, people take advantage of auto transport services every day. Think about it, every vehicle needs auto transport at some point, even if it is to get from the manufacturer to the dealership or from one dealership to the next.
All types of different vehicle are able to be transported with such services. Some companies will offer a range of services to better accommodate your needs. Open air shipping and enclosed shipping services are two of the most common forms of transport. Open air happens to be the most economical. This isn’t just cost effective, but it is the most popular form of transport. Usually you can spot open air haulers all over the highways and turnpikes carrying multiple vehicles at a time.

How Safe Is Open Transport?

While open air transport does leave the vehicle open to all elements, it is the cheapest method which is why many tend to go with this service. Nevertheless, bugs, stones and other factors could cause some damage to the vehicle, but this is quite rare. The drivers are cautious enough to handle the hauler properly and to take the best and smoothest routes possible.
If for some reason the vehicle does acquire any damage while on the road, the insurance coverage through the company will cover these types of damages. To file a claim, all you have to do is tell the driver who will then fill out a damage report and have you sign it. This then makes it possible for you to file a claim through the auto transport company’s insurance policy.
In order to distinguish between damages the vehicle already had and ones that might’ve happened during the transport, it is best to create a list. Write down and take pictures of all the damage the automobile already had before you release it into the hands of the auto transport driver. When the vehicle reaches its destination, give it a once over.