When you are in need of relocating a vehicle without putting it in harm’s way on the road or racking up the mileage, contact some of the Bay Area’s best auto transport companies. In particular, Bay Area Auto Transport is a company that serves the entire area, including Sausalito. The services that they have offered appeal to those with nearly any type of transport.
All types of people use auto transport services. In fact, every vehicle is transported at one time or another. It is the only way to relocate a vehicle without driving it, having it towed, or finding another large vehicle to hitch it to. Auto transport is the absolute safest shipping solution.

Get the Vehicle Ready for Its Travels

There are several things that must be done before a vehicle is sent off with the auto transport company. Nothing must be left in the vehicle during its transport. Therefore, take out anything that didn’t initially come with it after it was manufactured. This means that all GPS systems, DVD players, and sound system speakers should be removed. The extra weight hinders the transport process.
Not only should the vehicle be cleaned thoroughly, but the gas tank should be less than a ¼ of a tank. The alarm must also be disabled and you should check the vehicle for damages. Take photographs of any damage already existing so that when you go to inspect the vehicle after transport, you can see if anything else was affected.

Taking Care of Repairs and Damages

Every auto transport company must have insurance coverage. The coverage will pay for any damages done to the vehicle while it was in the transport company’s care. Just make sure that you inspect the vehicle for damages after the car arrives at the next location. Even have a mechanic look at it for damages that you may not notice with an untrained eye. If you notice anything at all, call the auto transport company to figure out how to go about with a claim.