Auto transport companies are all over the nation. Find one in Albany that can serve you with the utmost professionalism and timeliness. Bay Area Auto Transport serves the Bay Area in California and will transport your vehicle or vehicles all over the nation. Across the states or down the street, if your vehicle needs to be transported, it will get there within the time frame you need.
There are an abundance of questions that you should ask auto transport companies that you are considering for your vehicle’s transport. It is crucial that you care about who you hire for the job. You don’t want to end up with an auto transport company that doesn’t care about the safety and timeliness of your vehicle’s arrival.

Questions to Ask Prospective Auto Transport Companies

All of the above questions should be asked while you are on the phone with customer service. It is good to understand the process that the auto transport company has in place, as well as what they have to offer before you hire anyone for the job.

Prepping the Vehicle for Auto Transport

Preparing the vehicle for auto transport across the nation or even locally will require that the vehicle is empty. Not only will the vehicle need to be free of anything other than what is meant to be a part of the car, but it should have no more than a ¼ a tank of fuel in it. The transporters will need the automobile’s key during the transporting process, just in case of an emergency.