In order to get a vehicle from Piedmont shipped over to another location without having to drive it there, you may want to look into auto transport services. These services are made available to anyone and everyone. The low prices and quick transport make it a desirable service to many. In fact, you might be surprised how many people use these services on a frequent basis.
The above are just a few examples of those who often use auto transport services. Some of them even qualify for discounts and specials through the company, depending on who they go through. There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the services or the amount of vehicles you can have transported at once. A typical car hauler can hold up to 12 vehicles at once.

What If I Have a Customized Vehicle?

Customized vehicles can still be transported, at least in most cases. Some of these vehicles are better transported with enclosed shipping services, while open air transport is also able to be used. There are some instances where customizations may cause for an added charge. Due to the special equipment and careful attention that must be paid, the fees are necessary. These fees are usually given to those with lifted or lowered automobiles.

Enclosed Transport Services

For anyone who owns a classic, vintage or antique vehicle, enclosed transport is usually the greatest way to go. Enclosed shipping fully protects the vehicle from the elements of the road. Even though the vehicle is covered by insurance through the auto transport company, the repairs for such vehicles can be costly. Some of them can’t be repaired and therefore, their value will depreciate. It is best to inquire about enclosed shipping services as an avid car collector.