Valley Ford

When you need to relocate a vehicle without driving it to where it needs to go, auto transport services are the best alternative. These types of services are offered all around the Valley Ford area. Matter of fact, there are numerous auto transport companies throughout the entire Bay Area. However, before you hastily hire someone for the job, you must make sure that they are a legitimate company with the credentials to prove they are capable of transporting a car safely.
After you find the right company to transport your vehicle with, it is time to prepare the automobile for its travels. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is traveling to another nearby city or if it is being transported all the way to the East Coast, the preparation remains the same. Fortunately, getting the automobile ready is rather simple. You just have to assure that the fuel tank has no more than 1/4 of a tank left and that you disable the battery and alarm. The vehicle must only contain floor mats, a spare tire, and a car jack.

The Day of the Transport

On the day of the scheduled transport, your vehicle will either be picked up or you will need to drop it off at a terminal. This depends on the method of delivery services you chose through the auto transport company. If you chose door to door delivery, then you can assure that the car hauler will be at your door on the day scheduled for the vehicle’s relocation. The driver will then secure the automobile to the hauler. At this time, make sure to collect the driver’s contact information. They will also need the keys to the vehicle.
Many auto transport companies have tracking services so that you can see where the vehicle is while en route at all times. This will give you an idea of when they might arrive at the next location. The driver will also call you as they near the next address. You must be present at the time the vehicle arrives unless you otherwise specified that another responsible party will be there for its pickup.