Santa Cruz

In Santa Cruz, you can expect to find an auto transport company to adequately and professionally handle your vehicle’s transport. It can be transported anywhere throughout the nation, even coast to coast. Auto transport services are fast so a cross country trip usually takes less than two weeks. That’s much less time that it would take for you to travel the distance in your own vehicle.
An auto transport will refrain from adding on more mileage to the automobile. It will also keep the vehicle safe from the normal wear and tear it receives on the road during most long road trips. Even if the vehicle did happen to suffer any damage while in the care of the transport company, it would be covered by the company’s insurance coverage.

When Auto Transport Services Begin

When the date has finally arrived, you will either need to have the vehicle dropped of at a terminal or be present when the hauler arrives to pick it up. Where the vehicle is retrieved is dependent on the services you chose to purchase during the auto transport process. As soon as the driver arrives, provide him with the keys and any necessary documentation. Gather his contact information too and watch him has he secures the automobile carefully to the hauler. These haulers can fit up to twelve vehicles which is why many ship multiple vehicles at once.
While on the road, the driver will keep an eye out for bad weather and road conditions. If construction is an issue, they will try to find an alternative route. They want to keep the car safe. During their journey, you can follow them through the tracking services offered. As the driver nears the new destination, they will call you to let you know when to be there for the vehicle. Make sure that after the automobile is taken off the hauler, you check it for damages.