The City of Atherton has some wonderful auto transport companies. Bay Area Auto Transport is one of them and they uphold a positive reputation. It doesn’t matter what type of auto transport you are in need of. Bay Area Auto Transport can transport commercial vehicles, private vehicles, and even many vehicles at once.
Open air shipping is the most economical way to have a vehicle transported. This is also the most common method and it doesn’t require too much preparation for you or the company. The vehicle will be shipped to wherever you need it to go in a secure and timely manner. The equipment, trucks, training, and years of experience that the company has will help make the relocation a safer trip.

What Type of Documentation Will Be Needed?

In order to have your vehicle relocated elsewhere, you will need certain forms and documents. Proof of insurance, your license, and your vehicle’s registration may be requested. Some auto transport companies may ask for other forms of documentation as well, depending on the circumstances.

What Happens If My Vehicle Ends Up Damaged?

There is always the chance of an accident. While this is very rare due to the professionalism of the transport company, an accident caused by someone else on the road could happen. Luckily, auto transport companies have their own insurance coverage for the vehicles in their care.
The insurance through the auto transport company will cover any damages or repairs necessary, as long as the damages happened during the time the vehicle was in the transport company’s care. It is important that before you allow the transport company to take the vehicle, you document any damages already done to the car. Even taking pictures is a wise idea. This way, if you suspect any damages were done to the automobile during transport, you can go over it with the driver. They will write up a report and have you sign it. You can then use the company’s insurance to have the damages repaired.