San Francisco

Whenever you are in need of a vehicle transport, you are in luck. San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area have many great auto transport companies to choose from. You can find someone you trust to relocate your vehicle for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. The vehicle will be in good hands and reach its destination without adding any extra miles to it.
With all of the services provided to you, it might be difficult to choose between them all. Of course, the customer service will be happy to help you, but it is always best to be wise of what is out there. Most people choose to go with open air transport. This is the simplest and cheapest way to get a vehicle to where it needs to go.

Learn about Auto Transport Services

Not all auto transport companies offer the same services. However, you will notice that some of them offer the same things. As you may notice as you are shopping around, is that most auto transport companies allow you to choose between open air transport and enclosed transport. Enclosed transport is usually suited for those with luxury, high end, classic or vintage automobiles.
All auto transport companies must have insurance coverage. Insurance is mandatory for anyone who claims to be a legit auto transport business. Your normal insurance policy for the vehicle will be void as the vehicle is handled by the transport company. So, if any harm occurs to the vehicle, a report will be filed and you can then make a claim with the insurance coverage held by the transport company.
There are two other services that you will need to choose between if the company offers both of them. You will need to select between terminal to terminal and door to door delivery. Door to door is the most convenient, yet it will cost a little more. Terminal to terminal means that you drop the vehicle off and pick it up, which can be quite time consuming and will force you to put some mileage on the vehicle transported.