When you are in need of auto transport services, you are in luck. Petaluma has many great companies that will care for your vehicle and get it safely where it needs to go, even if it is an across nation trip. Dealerships, manufacturers, private vehicle owners, collectors, military recruits, and people of all walks of life use these services on a regular basis.
Auto transport services are designed to help you get your vehicle from one place to the next without causing it any harm or adding on more miles. If you sold your vehicle to someone else, they are going to anticipate that it arrives in the same condition you had specified to them. This is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of transport services in the Bay Area.

What Types of Services Are Offered?

The services offered to those in need include a variety of options. Not only will it depend on the company you decide to go through, but it depends on the vehicle and your personal preference in the matter. If you are unsure of what might be best for your precise circumstances, consult with the customer service reps at the auto transport company. They will gladly help you come to a decision.
Open air shipping tends to be the most favorable method offered. It is also the least expensive. This method may be considered as less safe than that of enclosed shipping, but in actuality that couldn’t be further from the truth. While open air shipping leaves the vehicle open to the elements, the drivers are trained to pay attention to weather and poor road conditions. They will avoid any possible obstacles while en route. Insurance coverage through the company will also cover any damages should they occur.
For classic, vintage or antique vehicles, enclosed shipping is usually preferred. This is due to the fact that these types of vehicles are not only expensive, but they are collectibles. When they get scratched or damaged, the costs of repairs are usually more costly. They may also depreciate in value.