Palo Alto

Auto transport services can be found all over the Bay Area, serving all cities in the vicinity, including Palo Alto. Any professional auto transport business will have the proper licensing, DOT approval and insurance coverage. It is mandatory for all transport companies to carry their own insurance to cover the vehicle while they are in their care. This is perhaps the best way to determine whether or not the company you want to hire is a legit business.
Palo Alto

The Many Types of Vehicles that Can Be Transported

Luckily, nearly any type of vehicle can benefit from auto transport services. These services are designed to accommodate for all types of vehicles no matter who needs to take advantage of transport services.
There really is no limit to the amount of vehicles you can have transported either. In fact, many people benefit from discounts when they need multiple vehicles transported at once. Dealerships often take advantage of this. A typical car hauler can hold up to 10 to 12 vehicles at once.
Some vehicles might cost more than others. For example, customized vehicles might require more attention and even special tools to get them secured onto the hauler. Multiple vehicles will also cost more, but most auto transport companies offer discounts for such service. It is best to inquire about the discounts and specials offered as you schedule your transport date. Don’t be afraid to ask about the fees associated with your quote either.
Auto transport services are by far the best way to get a vehicle to another location without having to drive it there. Think of all the money you will be saving without having to pay for hotels, food, fuel, and damages done to the vehicle from the road, and other road trip expenses. Plus, the vehicle will arrive to the next location untouched without added miles.