Auto transport companies situate throughout the Bay Area so finding one to serve you in Milpitas won’t be difficult at all. As long as you make sure that the company has all of the right qualities, such as positive feedback and proper licensing, they are more than likely to be a legit business. You don’t want to get sucked into a scam. Be mindful of who you hire.
If a company asks you for a large down payment, be cautious. This is usually a sign of a shady transport company. Most reputable companies will not charge you much for a down payment, if anything at all. They will also offer insurance coverage for extra security. Your car insurance policy will not cover the vehicle while it is in the care of the auto transport company.

Enclosed Shipping Services

Enclosed shipping services are a bit more expensive, but they protect the vehicle more. These services are best used for those who have vintage, luxury, classic or high end automobiles. Considering that damages done to those vehicles could depreciate the value or cost more for repairs, enclosed services seem to be the best form of transport for this situation.

Open Air Services

Open air services are the most common type of auto transport that people choose to go with. Not only is it less expensive, but it is very safe. Since nearly all professional and reputable auto transport companies offer insurance coverage, the vehicle will be repaired under the company’s policy. Considering that damages rarely occur, it is usually not necessary to file a claim after transport. Nevertheless, it is definitely wise to have the coverage in case an accident does happen en route.
The type of auto transport you decide to go with should be determined by your budget, the company’s reputation, and the value of your vehicle. It will also be reliant on what company you choose to go with. Not all auto transport companies offer the same services to their customers.