Auto transport companies exist all over the Bay Area so finding one to serve you in Martinez, CA should be quite easy. The most crucial part of the entire process is to find a transport company that you feel safe with. Hiring just anyone could greatly jeopardize the condition of your vehicle and put it at risk. By finding a company with the essential characteristics to prove they are capable of the task, you must do a little investigating. The Internet is the best place to start.

What to Look for an Auto Transport Business

By finding a company that offers all of these great characteristics, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s transport will go along smoothly. Of course, dependent on the type of auto transport and the conditions of the roads and weather will also determine the safety of your vehicle while in transit. Nevertheless, a reputable auto transport company will have insurance coverage.
When you have noticed harm done to the vehicle that was not otherwise there before, inform the driver and show them the damage. Even if it is a minor scratch or dent, the insurance coverage will cover it. It is the duty of the driver to then fill out a report for the company. This then makes it possible for you to file a claim with the insurance company. The report must be signed by you and the driver right after the damage is noticed.
It is recommended that you check for any damages immediately after getting the vehicle. To make it easier, have a list of all existing damages the automobile has before the relocation. Pictures are also helpful. Then compare the list and pictures to the current condition of the vehicle after transport.