Rio Vista

The Bay Area has many great and reputable auto transport companies to choose from when you need to get a vehicle from Rio Vista to another location without handling it on your own. By hiring professionals to do it for you, the mileage on your automobile will stay where it’s at and the car will be less likely to suffer any damage. All auto transport companies carry their own insurance policies to cover your vehicle while it’s in your care.

Open Air Shipping

The most popular transport option offered by a majority of auto transport companies is open air shipping. This method is less expensive than other shipping methods and yet it still provides the same care and quality. All auto transport companies must by law, carry insurance. This will cover your vehicle in the event that something happens to it during the transport.
When the vehicle is either picked up or dropped off at a terminal, the driver will secure it to the open air car hauler. This hauler can carry anywhere from 10 to 12 vehicles at a time. So even if you need multiple vehicles transported at once, this is very possible. In fact, many auto transport companies will offer discounts when you ship more than one vehicle at a time through open air shipping.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverage offered through the auto transport company will cover any damages that might occur to the vehicle while it is in the care of the driver. The insurance is extra protection. Even though it is rare for an automobile to become damaged in any way during transport, it’s nice to know that you can rely on the company’s insurance if an issue arises.
Before you send your vehicle off with the auto transport company, give it a thorough inspection. Write down any damages already done to the vehicle. This list should include scratches, dents, etc. Taking pictures of the damage is also wise. When the vehicle reaches the next location point, inspect the vehicle again and see if anything else is visible. If you notice any new damages, tell the driver and they will fill out a report. You can then file a claim with the insurance company.