In the City of Orinda, you will find that auto transport companies are located all over the Bay Area. Finding a company that you can trust with the relocation of your automobile is simpler than you might assume. Any reputable and professional transport company will have years of experience, all of the proper licensing, DOT approval, and a history of happy customers. By law, auto transport companies must also carry insurance coverage, so if the company does not carry insurance, stay away. They are more than likely scam artists trying to take your money.
Get ready for an easy process. After calling the auto transport company and going over the services, fees charged, and scheduling the date of transport, all you have to do is prepare the vehicle. If the vehicle is brand new, then there should be no worries. Otherwise, clean out the car and don’t leave anything left behind. Only the factory features should be left in the vehicle. Even the gas tank should read a quarter of a tank full or less.

Door to Door Services

Door to door services make the entire process even more convenient. The auto transport company will pick the vehicle up from wherever it is located and then drop it off at the specified address. You must be present for this. If you aren’t able to be there, inform the company of what responsible party will be present and make sure that they have all of the right documentation, including the vehicle’s keys ready for the driver.

Terminal to Terminal Services

When a person chooses terminal to terminal services, they are responsible for getting the automobile to the terminal specified by the auto transport company on the date scheduled. When the vehicle is released into the car of the transport company at the terminal, make sure you have the documentation needed and that you hand the keys over. Then, the driver will inform you of the next terminal the vehicle will arrive at for pickup.