Get you vehicle shipped through safe and reliable auto transport services near the Marshall neighborhood. You can find all types of auto transport services available to you throughout the region. These services differ in many ways, but it is only so that the transport company can better fit the needs of the customers. Some people prefer enclosed shipping methods and expedited options, while others tend to go with open air shipping and simpler services. All of the services offered through professional auto transport companies are great and much safer for the vehicle than trying to drive it to its next location.

Why Auto Transport Services Offer Insurance Coverage

All auto transport companies are required to carry insurance coverage for the vehicles they are handling. As a vehicle owner, your car insurance will not protect the automobile while it is in the hands of the auto transport company. Therefore, to further protect you, a transport company must have insurance coverage on the vehicles while they are transporting them.
If you see any harm done to the vehicle after it arrives, make sure you tell the driver of the car hauler. They will fill out a report for you to sign. This form is turned in and the auto transport company will call you before you can file a claim. The best way to truly know whether or not your vehicle acquired damage during the transport is by taking before pictures or taking notes of all noticeable damages before the vehicle is in the hands of the auto transport company. Then, you can reference to these as you are conducting your examination of the vehicle.