When auto transport services are needed, there are many options in the vicinity of Moraga. The entire Bay Area often takes advantage of such services, especially military recruits and car dealerships. You may even notice the open air car haulers with multiple vehicles en route to the next location. This is a safe and effective method to get a vehicle to another location without causing it any harm or adding on more miles.
Those that use auto transport services consist of all walks of life. You might be a private vehicle owner that needs to relocate, but cannot drive the vehicle to your new home due to an alternative method. You may be a manufacturer that needs to get a bunch of brand new vehicles to a dealership. As you can see, there are many people that use auto transport.

What Types of Vehicles Can I Transport?

Nearly any type of vehicle can be transported to wherever you may need it to go. ATV’s, classic cars, trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles, are just a few of them. The type of vehicle rarely poses an issue on the transport company. They have all of the right equipment for the job.
When a vehicle is customized, it may pose some issues. For example, if the car is lifted or lowered, the driver will need to secure the automobile differently. This might be an instance where the company charges you extra fees. It depends on the customizations done to the automobile and what types of tools and strategies the company’s employees will have to use to secure the vehicle properly.

How Long Will the Process Take?

While it is nearly impossible to give an exact timeframe because a lot of things are dependent on the length of time it will take, it is said that an across the nation auto transport will take about two weeks give or take. Weather, road conditions and construction are a few things that might hinder the vehicle’s expedition.