Monte Sereno

In the City of Monte Sereno, you will find that there are many auto transport companies around the area. Hiring one with positive reviews and feedback is always very wise. Make sure that the company has a website, licensing, DOT approval, low down payments (if any), and insurance coverage. Your normal insurance policy for the automobile will not cover the vehicle while it is in the hands of the transport company.
Monte Sereno

What Happens If I See Damage?

The best way to decipher whether or not damage was done to the automobile during its relocation is by creating a list of the existing damages before you send it on its way. Taking pictures of the damages is also wise. Any scratches, dents or chips in the paint should be logged. Then, when the vehicle arrives at the new location, you can inspect the car for damages. If you see anything out of the ordinary, show the driver.
When you report possible harm done to the vehicle, the driver will write out a report in which you will sign. This report will then go back to the auto transport company. At this point, a claim can be made with the company’s insurance. They will inform you of the next move to make.

What Can I Do to Assure a Safe Transport?

In order to assure a safe transport, there are some things that you can do on your end. Other than hiring a transport company that carries a great reputation for their services, prepare your vehicle for the transport. This will help the company assure a safer relocation.