When you need to get that classic automobile in the garage across the nation, contact an auto transport company around the Danville area. Finding a dependable company that can adequately handle the job without causing the vehicle any harm shouldn’t be difficult at all. There are many services geared towards serving your needs more efficiently. No matter what time of time crunch you are on or what kind of vehicle you may have that needs to be transported.

About the Auto Transport Process

After booking a date for the auto transport process to begin, depending on whether you chose door to door services or terminal to terminal services, you will either need to drop the vehicle or wait for the driver to arrive on that specified date. However you have it set up, make sure that the vehicle is completely cleaned out and the gas tank is only a quarter of a tank full.
It is always wise to have the Bill of Lading and other necessary documents handy. Have a set of keys for the driver as well. Trade contact information and see when the vehicle is believed to arrive at the next location. The driver will then secure the vehicle to the truck. Open air shipping is the most cost effective method of transport and usually the most popular option.
In transit, the driver will avoid any hazardous road conditions and construction zones. They will take the most efficient and safe routes. When they are close to the drop off point, they will call to let you know. Be prepared to pick the vehicle up when it arrives or be present if the driver is coming directly to you. If you cannot be present during the drop off, this must have already been clarified to the auto transport company. They may need specific forms of ID and documents from the responsible party.