Daly City

Living in Daly City makes it easy to find auto transport services when you are in need. It doesn’t matter if you own a car dealership or if you have a vintage automobile to transport, there is definitely a company you can rely on for the job. Find an honest auto transport company with the services you need to get the auto shipped safely.
Depending on the circumstances, you might be applicable for some discounts. Those who need to transport multiple vehicles are just some of the people that can usually benefit from lower rates. Seasonal sales and other discounts might apply too.

About Insurance Coverage

Having insurance on your vehicle during its transport is important. Unfortunately, your every day car insurance coverage won’t cover the vehicle while it is in the company’s care. With that being said, you will need to purchase the insurance through the auto transport company or the vehicle will not be covered during the process.
Of course, damage is less likely to occur while the vehicle is being transported by the professionals. Nevertheless, an accident might happen on the road that is out of the control of the driver. You never really know what might happen and if your vehicle is of a higher value, it might be best to assure it is covered.
Prior to shipping the vehicle on its way, make sure you note any scratches, dents or other visible harm. Take pictures as well. That way, when the vehicle makes it to the next location, you can inspect it for any further damages that may have occurred during the transporting process. If you notice anything new, inform the driver and they will fill out a report and have you sign it. You may then file a claim with the insurance company the auto transport services use.