Whenever you are in need of vehicle transport, consider some of the wonderful options around Campbell, California. The auto transport companies offer an array of services designed to give you a more personal experience, one that will safely and quickly get your vehicle to its destination. Bay Area Auto Transport in particular, takes care of their customers’ needs by offering services for faster shipping.
For faster shipping guaranteed, ask about guaranteed delivery or expedited transport services. These will help to assure your vehicle is put at the top of the list as high priority. The transport company will make sure that the vehicle arrives safe and sound by the time it is expected.

5 Tips for Preparing the Automobile

Do I Have to Be Present for the Vehicle’s Pickup or Delivery?

Most companies will require that you are present during the pickup and drop off. Nevertheless, if you can’t personally be there, you can designate another responsible party. This must be confirmed with the auto transport company and specific forms of documentation will be necessary for this to happen.
Additional costs might apply to anyone changing the plan already confirmed with the auto transport company. Make sure that you talk over the details with the auto transport company first. Call the office if anything happens to change during the process and the details will be sorted out appropriately.