Finding an auto transport company to serve your needs of an automobile relocation is simple in the Bay Area. Living in Burlingame certainly presents many options. It is best to find the one company that carries a great reputation and that offers services you need to get the vehicle transported securely and in time.

Different Services Explained

Door to door services are perhaps one of the most desired services offered through auto transport companies. When you opt for door to door, the auto transport company will come to retrieve the vehicle or vehicles for the transport. They will then drop the automobile off at the address specified by you.
Terminal to terminal services are cheaper than door to door. When you choose to go with terminal to terminal services, you will need to drop off the vehicle at a specified location and then pick it up from another terminal nearby the location it is being relocated to. This means that you will need transportation to get to the terminal for the vehicle’s pickup.
Expedited services are a wonderful option. If you must quickly get the automobile to a new location, then expedited services are something you will want to inquire about. This service means that the transport company puts your vehicle as high priority. Guaranteed delivery is another service often offered which means the vehicle will arrive but the agreed date.
Insurance coverage is something that all professional and dependable transport companies offer to their customers. Unfortunately, your regular car insurance policy will not cover a vehicle while it is in the care of the company. Therefore, it is best to purchase the insurance through the company. Even though they are trained to securely transport the vehicle, if any damages should occur, the company’s insurance will have it covered.
Open air shipping is the most common and economical form of transport. You often see open air shipping trucks loaded with vehicles on the highways or turnpike. This is how many transport companies ship vehicles. It is safe, reliable, quick and inexpensive.