Auto transport services can help you get your vehicle from one place in Richmond to the next location. It doesn’t matter if you need it delivered across the nation or to the neighboring state, an auto transport company will be happy to help. Whenever you are in need of such services, contact Bay Area Auto Transport if you want a reliable company to handle your vehicle.
Getting your vehicle transported is simple, especially with the right company. Perhaps the most difficult part is deciding on what services will suit your circumstances the best. To give an example, if you are transporting a classic automobile, enclosed shipping services may be more preferable. Otherwise, many people opt to go with open air transport which is a cost effective method that ships the vehicle on a car hauler that can hold up to 10 to 12 vehicles at one time.

More Info on Enclosed Shipping

Enclosed shipping is a bit more costly than open air shipping. While open air shipping is a wonderful option, some people are not keen on the idea of leaving their vehicle open to all elements while on the road. Most of the time it is owners, sellers and buyers of classic, vintage, luxury and antique vehicles that use this special shipping method.
Preparing a vehicle for enclosed shipping may be a little more entailed than preparing a car for open air transport. Ask the transport company what the best way to prepare the vehicle is for this shipping method. When the vehicle is ready for transport, it will be picked up and put into the closed container securely by the driver of the hauler.
While all legit auto transport companies carry insurance, some just feel safer with enclosed services. The vehicle will be hidden from poor weather, road debris, bad road conditions, and construction. It is much more difficult for the vehicle to end up harmed when you use this method of transport.