There is no better way to get a vehicle from one location to the next without racking up the mileage than by hiring an auto transport company near Oakley, CA. Not only will it save the miles, but it will keep the vehicle safer from damages accrued on the road and possibly even save you money. Auto transport services are used every single day and at some point, every vehicle is transported through such services.

Services Desired by Most Auto Transport Users

The services that you choose to go with will depend on several factors, including your personal preference. If you have multiple vehicles to transport, open air shipping is usually your best option. For classic, high end, luxury or other vehicles of value, enclosed transport services might be best.
For those who are in a rush, ask about expedited and guaranteed delivery services. Almost all auto transport companies offer swift services to better accommodate those in a hurry with their automobile’s relocation needs. For example, guaranteed delivery means that the vehicle will arrive by the date specified.

Insurance Coverage through the Transport Company

Insurance coverage is a must when it comes to auto transport companies. By law, any registered auto transport company must have insurance for the vehicles in their care. A vehicle owner’s insurance coverage will not cover the vehicle while it is in the hands of the auto transport business, which is why the company must have it.
If you notice any damages done to your vehicle after the transport, point them out to the driver and they will fill out a report. Sign the report and allow the driver to hand it back to the company. This allows you to then file a claim with the transport company’s insurance policy.